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Air Conditioning Repair Tips Anyone Can Do

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It’s the middle of summer and your Air conditioning just went out. What should you do to get the air conditioning repaired? Where can you start? Perfect Air has some tips to help repair your air conditioning if you are handy.

Air conditioning repair tips

First you should check your indoor air filter to ensure it is clean. Air conditioning relys on fast, constant air turn over to work properly. Clogged filters can burn out blower motors, strain compressors, and cause a multitude of problems. Change them often and keep your Air conditioning running properly.

Second, check the main breaker. This air conditioning repair tip can be as easy as resetting your breaker. The Air conditioning breaker should be a double wide sized breaker.

Our third air conditioning repair tip is to clean the outdoor unit coils. You can spray them off with a garden hose using medium stream. Be careful not to damage them.

Finally, if you have a disconnect box by your outdoor unit, there may be a blown fuse inside. Fuses can range in amperage from 20 to 60, so be sure to get the right size and replace them with the same amperage that you take out. Fuses can be found at Home Depot for under 10 dollars.

As always, use caution when attempting any air conditioning repair yourself. If none of these help, it may be time to call a professional. Most air conditioning companies will will have a service call price. The fair ones will waive this cost of you make the repair with them. Perfect Air has affordable rates and a proven track record of high quality repairs.

Please call Perfect Air in Long Beach, CA. We will be happy to answer questions and schedule a service call. We hope these air conditioning repair tips have helped!