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47 Responses to “PERFECT AIR Reviews-Customer reviews of Perfect Air In Long Beach”

  1. Andrew A. Sailer says:

    I called alot of contractors looking to install forced air heat. When I called Perfect Air for an estimate, I was told the installation would be straight forward with no head aches. I informed him I would hold them to that promise and went with them.

    I was asked to write a review after the system had been running for awhile so I am doing as I promised.
    The job was completed with absolutly no problems at all. Not a dinged corner, extra charge or issue of any kind. They were the least expensive and was told this was due to the owners doing the work themselves. The job was complete the same day they started and I have the utmost confidence that with this kind of customer service, prices, and expertise they will be around for many years to come. You never know if “your” job will be the exception, but I am another pleased home owner. My calls were always answered and questions explained.

  2. Viviana Wickersham says:

    I had my grand mother visiting and our heat went out. I called Perfect Air at 8PM and he was at my door at 8:30. My heat was back on with in 30 minutes. He showed up with a smile and sense of humor. I am sooo gratefull that a 24 hour service actuall came out, a few didnt even answer the phone. Thanks Perfect Air!!

  3. Carroll B. Merriman says:

    I got service and a price for our heating system that I am happy with. Small problem with 2 new grills having to be patched, but they did it before I even brought it up. Everything looks and works great.

  4. Kotły co says:

    Perfect Air gave us a quote for heating and air conditioning. After many phone calls and questions I decided to award them the job. They were not the cheapest, but I felt I would get the best service. They installed our York system in 3 days as promised and passed the city inspection. It is extremely hot outside, but sooo comfy inside. Very pleased.

  5. Shirley Marland says:

    Our a/c stopped working and we called perfect air. It turned out to be our furnace blower and we just had them replace the furnace. I was asked to leave a review since I found them on line so I will.

    Chris was helpfull and explained everything. I have since found out the price was more than fair and not adjusted for our hot weather at all. It was a busy time and they were not my first call but everyone else was booked. I would recommend them for any problem with your forced air.

  6. Camila Launius says:

    I used Perfect Air to repair my air conditioning. Chris came out on time and with in 2 hours of my call. I called alot of places but no one would come out the same day. I am gratefull that the job was done quickly and at a fair price.

  7. Olin Pettey says:

    I recieved 3 seperate quotes for forced air with A/C. I went with Perfect Air because they always answered my calls and questions quickly. I was afraid after the job that the other companies wouldn’t call me back at all if there was a problem. My installation was done smoothly and with no issues. When I called back to have the air flow adjusted, Chris was here with in the hour. I can recommend them to anyone.

  8. Dori Efron says:

    Perfect Air added A/C for the price stated on their website. They did not try to up sell me once they got to my house. I was going to hold them to that price and when he gave it to me with out trying to bump me up I decided to write this review. The system operates perfectly. The installation was tough but they got it complete on time with no grumbling. 🙂 My way of saying thanks is leaving this review.

  9. Ileen Bayardo says:

    Repaired my AC. I was impressed at the low price. He could have charged me alot more . I appreciate honesty.

  10. Shiseido White says:

    The prices were the best in town and I checked and rechearced alot. I did not want cheap, but a great job. I got a low price and professional installation. They did everythiong they said. I would highly recommend them. There will be other companies that are close in price, but the work they do once they have the job is second to none. Use them and don’t worry.

  11. Mary Holt says:

    After finding Perfect Air on the internet, I had Chris come out and give us an estimate. He was ON TIME, professional and well informed. We interviewed three different companys and decided to have Perfect Air install our new forced air and heat.

    We are very pleased with everything they did for us. We have an old house with some interesting attic access and they were able to get vents in every room. John and Chris worked well with each other and got the equipment in and working in a very short time.

    My phone calls prior to the installation were always answered quickly and professionally. I felt they cared about their customers and always had time for my crazy questions.

    We highly recommend Perfect Air for any heating or cooling issues.

  12. Susan Cho says:

    Perfect Air was called to inspect our aging ac system. They came out and repaired the issue on the first visit. No one else would come out that day. Quick, professional.

  13. Eddy Freestone says:

    Terriffic job on a new York condenser installation. Best price in town!

  14. Terrence Whiteley says:

    Extremely perfectly completed indeed.

  15. Allyson Hoots says:

    I called Chris for an estimate. Perfect Air installed the system and kept me informed the whole way. NO EXTRA CHARGES! Highly recommend.

  16. Rosalee Chhan says:

    Finally a contractor that reminded me of the old days. Fast, Professional and priced right. They actually acted like they want my returnc business and referals. New air conditioning system installed. Recommend with confidence.

  17. Brian Ross says:

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  18. Yvette Fross says:

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  19. Steve says:

    Chris and John did a great job on our heating installation. I did not get second rate work for the lower price they gave me. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs ac or heat added to their house.

  20. Piedad Casario says:

    Chris came out and fixed my furnace. It is old , but I could not afford a new one. The cost was fair and the job done well.

  21. sue says:

    I had them put a new furnace in for me. Their work was clean, professonal and priced well.

  22. Reonna says:

    Thank you Chris and John for a job well done.

  23. Tina says:

    Friendly, sharp and nice. The A/C works great. Quality company.

  24. M Hughes says:

    I got many quotes, and Perfect Air got the job because the owners actually do the work. I did not trust the sales pitch of the other companies, nor the installation crew I hadn’t met. From start to finish they kept the house clean. The before and after pictures they took for me as I could not look into the attic was amazing. They are nice and the price was lower than anyone elses. Chris took my calls and was always happy to answer my questions. I am not easy to please, but they have made me very happy.

  25. Steve In Long Beach says:

    I called for a quote and Chris came right out. The price was lower than I expected and the new heating installation went off with out a hitch. Our old floor furnace was red tagged by the gas company. I would not hesitate to use these guys.

    UPDATE: We passed city inspection the first time! Great job.

  26. Pat says:

    I called Perfect Air because my furnace wasn’t working. We were having a cold spell and the other companies I called were all too busy. Chris said he had an opening and was here in 45 minutes. My heating was working 20 minutes after he arrived. He charged a fair price and has my gratitude for showing up so quickly.

  27. Concaraho says:

    Perfect Air installed a Coleman 95% furnace for us. I wasn’t sure about Coleman equipment, but it works great and looks great. The install was done in 1 day and I am very happy. < my wife is happy too :)>

  28. Jeanc Sproket says:

    Fixed my heater and was VERY good at his job. Recommend.

  29. John says:

    I called for a quote. Went with Perfect Air and am completely happy with the job done, calling someone off the internet was tough for me. These reviews helped so I am leaving one of my own. I hesitate to even say I had a small problem, but Chris came and fixed it with-in an hour of my call. I would recommend them to anyone.

  30. Lou says:

    I called Perfect Air to repair my A/C. Chris showed up on time and charged a fair price. It is working properly.

  31. Jack in Cerritos says:

    My floor furnace wasn’t working. They came out and actually fixed it. Chris didn’t complain about going under the house .
    The service was outstanding and the price wasn’t bad. I would recommend them.

  32. Roble says:

    I called to get a free quote. Chris explained everything clearly and gave me a crash course in new heating installation. I did not know it was so involved. The price he gave us was the best price so I hired him. John and Chris are truely craftsmen that worked very well togather. It was clear they had done this before. As I read above, they also did an exceptional job for me and the work was clean. I feel I got not just the best price, but also the best job. I am glad I did not go with a larger outfit. I am happy.

  33. Lisa Gomez says:

    We had Perfect Air out in Jan. and they installed a new furnace. I have since had a neighbor mention they had theirs replaced but they paid ALOT more. We have a 95% furnace. I didn’t shop around just got lucky. Their prices are great, and the installation went on with no problems.

  34. Carl Horward says:

    Good company, very good price. Would recommend.

  35. Scott Brown says:

    I was alittle concerned about the price. It was alot lower than the other bids. Perfect Air put in a new forced air system. The workmanship is top notch, the equipment is name brand and they did everything they said when they said they would do it. The install was painless. They are a small company and I liked that.

  36. NYC Rentals says:

    They changed out a wall furnace in an apartment we manage. Most companies don’t want to be bothered, but they did a great job and won our business. Thanks Chris.

  37. Bret says:

    Perfect Air came out and repaired my heating. They arrived on time and charged fairly.

  38. Happy in Long Beach says:

    Perfect Air did an outstanding job installing our new forced air system. The old floor furnace was rotted out and we called them for an estimate. Their price was VERY competitive and I was impressed with the professionalism. They were extremely clean about their work, kept us informed through out the whole process, and were done , including permits signed off the first time, in 3 days. Our job had some custom issues that did not bother them at all. I would highly recommend them.

  39. Perfect Air Fans says:

    We called Perfect Air after getting a high quote to replace our furnace from another company. The tech Chris found out exactly what was wrong and gave me a repair price and a replace price. We went with the replace due to our furnaces age. If I thought I was impressed before, it only got better. They came and installed my furnace, added an attic light, added some very nice trim wood to the crawl space hole, and all for little more than half of the other quote. Money is tight and I feel like I got real value from this company. The furnace has been working great. Highly recommend.

  40. Mary in Long Beach says:

    A highly skilled group of guys. I was impressed with their professional manner and prices. I would recommend them to any one with a heating problem. The job , adding A/C and Heat, was done on time, on budget, and no headaches.

  41. Jack says:

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I called. I had a company tell me my compressor in my air conditioning unit was fried. I called Perfect Air for a quote. The price was about half what I expected, the job was done well on time. I was alittle worried, but as soon as they showed up and started to work it was very clear they had done this many times before. Highly recommend.

  42. Menny Podo says:

    I called them and they came out for free, gave me a great bid, and explained everything to me that was included in a forced air installation. They removed the floor furnace and repaired the hole. Installed forced heat and a/c. They always kept the job site clean and I never doubted that I made the right decision after the first 20 minutes they were here. VERY professonal. Use them and you will not regret it.

  43. Steve says:

    I will be calling you. My filter was clogged, but still blowing warm. edit: Great job at a fair price. I would not hesitate to refer or call them again.

  44. Sara says:

    Perfect Air repaired my furnace and charged a fair price. Chris came out at 8 P.M. to fix it. I was impressed and would recommend them. The furnace is working great even though it is old.

  45. Gonzalo says:

    I had a problem with my furnace and the weekend after Thanksgiving I received an estimate from Perfect Air. They were the most competiitively priced and professional. They installed central air conditioning and heating in only two days. They cleaned up after themselves at the end of the day and when they left there was no debris or rearranged furniture; no extra work on my part was required. The work was excellent and professional and more important completed in a timely manner. Permits were pulled for this job and it passed the first inspection with no corrections needed. I had a problem with the filter and representative (Chris Stiner) was here at my house same day I made the call to repair the problem. I would recommend thier services to anyone (even family). Excellent company.

  46. Brad says:

    Two times in the past 2 years I have called Perfect Air for problems with my AC – Once because it just stopped working over time – the second because we had gone out for the day and turned it off when we left (mistake). When we got home that evening it was having a hard time cooling back down to preferred temp. and eventually it just stopped working. Perfect Air came to my house on both occasions – the first time they simply changed my filter and explained that everything else was fine. The second time they explained that we should have left the AC on while we were away -as the inside of the house got too hot for the system to catch up from being off on an extremely hot day. They explained how we could remedy the situation and how to avoid it in the future. Both times they really could have stuck it to me because we were uneducated about these things – both times they educated us and charged us only a small fee for the call. I was prepared to buy a new system! These guys are really honest and I really feel like they care about the customer.

  47. admin says:

    I would like to encourage ALL our customers to please leave feed back on our service. We believe that by listening to our customers, we can fine tune our services to better suite them. Both positive and negitive feed back will be approved if it is respectfull. My name is Chris Stiner and can be reached 24 hours a day.